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Stefan Panhans

«Wait a moment, I'm still thinking ...»
Photographic Methods on Inner Composure
Karina Beltrán, Roger Eberhard, Marisa Maza,
Stefan Panhans, Vadim Schäffler, Mamoru Tsukada


Stefan Panhans: Items for Possible Video Sets #23, 2012
C-Print, 60 x 90 cm (unframed), 1/6 + 2 AP

Stefan Panhans
lives and in Berlin, Hamburg and elsewhere. In his recent work he uses video, photography, as well as text, collage and drawing. As a kind of an artistic research his work undertakes a »mental archeology« of the media and the self under conditions of a »new spirit of capitalism« and hyper mediatization. In his single channel videos, such as »Sieben bis Zehn Millionen«,2005, »Who´s Afraid of 40 Zimmermädchen«, 2007, »If A Store Clerk Gave Me too Much Change«, 2009, or »SORRY«, 2010 he always uses only one single steady framing, while the narrative’s movement often only evolves from the spoken words of the characters.
His most recent photographic series »Items for Possible Video Sets« (since 2009) shows a certain part of the world of commodities through the kaleidoscopic pastiche of a disturbing series of still lifes technically refering to commercial packshot photography.
His are shown in numerous exhibitions, festivals and screenings. Recent monographs include »Stefan Panhans – 5 Videos«, 2009, Merz/Solitude, »SORRY«, 2011, Snoeck, »Untitled & Items for Possible Video Sets«, 2012, Textem

Upcoming solo show

»Items for Possible Video Sets – Concrete Run« at »Art Is Concret. And So Is Truth?«,Camera Austria, Graz, Co-produced by steirischer herbst,1.12.–16.12.2012

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